Current Exhibits

"Americana in Modern Colors"
featuring: S. Carlyle Smith
& the Annual Clymer Small Works Show

Opens: First Friday Nov.3rd & First Friday Dec. 1st, 2017
Open through December 30th

  • Wine & Live Music First Friday’s in November & December

Artist Statement

I’m fascinated with the 1920-1950's. Maybe it's a "past-life" thing. I wasn't born until 1955. The period was rich in design. The vehicles, clothing, architecture, appliances and print media were futuristically elegant. Most of my reflections of this time are through a gray colored lens. I use old black and white vintage snapshots of candid common events. None of my images are of re-enacted events; all actually happened. They are common settings, just uncommon that the photos survived. We still live much the way they did back then. Most of the situations in these scenes are universal, timeless and cross-cultural. I'm highly selective of my imagery. I am respectful of the spirit of those in the photographs. I avoid photographs that would embarrass those who have passed on. Instead I want to celebrate their time here on earth.

These images evoke a nostalgic feeling, although my paintings have a contemporary relevance and color palette. I try to bring this era to life with color. Not simply colorizing the scenes but pushing color to a plausible but unusual limit. I leave the people vague so that the viewer can inject himself or herself or someone they know into the image. There's a part of me that is striving to capture a sense of the reality of today's moment and its relationship to the past. There is an illusive, moody feeling that I still haven't arrived at. I have the rest of my life to try.

S. Carlyle Smith

Born 1955, had a wonderful childhood in Utah. My “warm, fuzzy” scent is Turpentine. Both of my parents painted, I did paint-by-numbers. My Great Grandfather painted pinstripes on cars, freehand in Detroit way before I was born. I Moved to Montana in 1978 where I've lived and painted for over 38 years. Primarily self-taught but, studied under Freeman Butts, Carolyn Anderson and Thomas English. I learned much from mentors Arlene Hooker Fay, David Katz, W. Steve Seltzer, Tom Gilleon, Ron Ukrainetz, Mimi Grant, Joe Halko and Ron Deloney. My work has been featured three times in U.S.Art Magazine including one “Editor’s Choice”. Twice in Southwest Art Magazine including "Artist to Watch", American Art Collector Magazine and in Classic Style Magazine. Of the hundreds of paintings sold, I do know they are in private and corporate collections in the U.S. and abroad. I don't know who most of my collectors are since they were sold in galleries who kept their clients a secret. Living the “charmed life” that I do, I was treated extremely well by galleries. Especially by Coda over my twelve years in Palm Desert and seven years in New York (SOHO). Of the twenty seven galleries that have represented me. My first and seventh galleries were in Santa Fe. Currently represented by; Samarah Fine Art, Whitefish, Montana.

"Two Tone"


Upcoming Exhibits

May/June 2017

Blessings & Beauty
Featuring Catherine Blackhorse & Terrance Guardipee
First Friday Openings May 5th & June 2nd

July/August 2017

Three Days at Standing Rock
Featuring Jeff Ferguson

September/October 2017

An Eye for Equine
Featuring Teddy Charlton

October 2017

Graphic Artist & Architectural Historian David Wheeler Presents “Preservation Graphics”
Kittitas County Treasured Artist John Poulsen Presents "The John Poulsen Retrospective"

November/December 2017

Americana in Modern Colors
Featuring S. Carlyle Smith

Past Exhibits

"Wildlife" - September/October 2012

Featuring James Reid & Brenda Wolf

"Western Landscapes" - November/December 2012

Featuring Emily Wood

"Clymer Holiday Spectacular" - December 2012

Featuring Local & Guest Artists

January/February 2013

Featuring Jennifer Li

January/February 2013

Featuring Photos and Memorbilia from the Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame Collection

"Natural Selection" - March/April 2013

Featuring Lucas Orthmann & Nick Oberling

"The Frederick Hubbard Retrospective" - May 2013

Featuring Frederick Hubbard

"Artful Women & The Women Painters of Washington" - June/July 2013

Featuring Kathy Wipfler

"Reflections of the Western Landscape" - September/October 2013

Featuring Bonnie Griffith

"Annual Miniature Show" - November/December 2013

Featuring Annual Miniature Exhibition

"The Birth of American Landscape Painting" - November/December 2013

Featuring Thomas Cole

"Wild Women of the West" - January/February 2014

Featuring Hita Von Mende, Amy Watte, Tara Roberts & Randee Crisman

"THe Northwest Experience" - March/April 2014

Regional Juried Art Show

"A New Idea" - April 2014

Featuring DG House

"Sporting Life" - May 2014

Featuring Zach Babat

"Two Voices From the Road" - June/July 2014

Featuring Edna Bjorge & Shirley Hackett

"How the West Was Won" - August 2014

Featuring Justin - Colt Beckman

September/October 2014

Featuring Kat Houseman & George Traicheff

November/December 2014

Featuring Calt Garris

January/February 2015

Featuring Hita von Mende & Naomi Gray

West of the Mississippi - March/April 2015

Anual Juried Art Show

"Western Vision" - May 2015

Featuring Melanie Thompson & Justin Gibbens

"Spirit Reflections" - June 2015

Featuring David Craig

"Westward Bound" - July 2015

Punch Gallery Meets Clymer

August 2015

Featuring Jeff Ferguson & Rich Bergeman

"Rust & Dust" - September 2015

Featuring Michael Blessing & Meagan Abra Blessing

"Fall Harvest" - October 2015

Featuring Chris Peters

"The Wild Side" - November/December 2015

Featuring Virginie Baude

"Miniatures" - December 2015

Annual Miniatures Show

"Beyond Traditional" - February 2016

Featuring Ron Russon

"From the Headwaters to the Sea" - March/April 2016

Featuring Lolly Shera

"Nature's Call" - May/June 2016

The Guild of Natural Science Illustrator's NW

"Are We There Yet" - July/August 2016

Featuring Sam Iddings

"Patrons 50/50 Show" - July/August 2016


"The Greatest Show on Dirt" - September/October 2016

NW Masters

"Northwest Masters" - November/December 2016


"The Things They Carried" - January/February 2017


"Under Western Skies" - January/February 2017

"Mountain Man & Buffalo Gal" - March/April 2017

"Blessings & Beauty" - May/June 2017

"Three Days at Standing Rock" - July/August 2017

"An Eye for Equine" - September/October 2017

"The John Poulsen Retrospective" - September/October 2017


Clymer Museum & Gallery seeks submissions for exhibition proposals. Review of submissions is ongoing.

Clymer Museum & Gallery is dedicated to showcasing and supporting artists who share the vision of John Ford Clymer, whose illustrations and paintings celebrated nature, the American West, and Native American culture. Individuals or groups may submit proposals for exhibitions of paintings, drawings, prints, mixed media, photography, ceramics, sculpture, furniture, jewelry, fiber art, and new media.

    There are two gallery spaces:
  • The main gallery has approximately 700 square feet and 82 linear feet of wall space.
  • The smaller of our two galleries has approximately 425 square feet and 66 linear feet of wall space.

    To apply, please submit the following to with "Exhibition Proposal" in the email subject line:
  • Current CV/resume
  • Short Bio
  • Artist Statement
    Digital images indicative of the work you would like to show. Use one of these formats:
  • Link to a website. Please make sure title, medium, size, date are included with the images.
  • A multi-page PDF Document. Please include a list of works with title, medium, size, date of each artwork.
  • Individual JPEG files. Files should be 100dpi/ppi, approximately 2,000 pixels on the longest side, no larger than 2 MB maximum. Please name the files your last name, underscore, number [i.e. Smith_01.jpeg, Smith_02.jpeg] and include a list of works with title, medium, size, date of each artwork.

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Sunday – (Nov. 1 to Dec. 18) - 12PM-4PM
Closed all major holidays & the first two weeks each January

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