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Mission Statement

The mission of the Clymer Museum and Gallery is to collect, preserve, research, and interpret the art and life of John Clymer, the art and life of his contemporaries, and the art of preceding and ensuing generations that depict and focus on the culture, life and country of Clymer’s America.

First Friday Oct. 6th, 2017

5:00pm to 7:00pm
"An Eye For Equine" by Teddy Charlton Main Gallery
"John Poulsen Retrospective" by John Poulsen McGiffin Gallery
"Preservation Graphics" by David Wheeler McGiffin Gallery

Rendezvous 2017:
Prix de West

Saturday October 21st 2017 - Clymer Ballroom

  • Tickets: $50
  • Starts at 5:30 PM
  • Dinner, Silent & Live Auction, Dessert
  • Entertainment: Radio City Flyers
  • Food: Chef Devin - Curbside on 5th

"Ode To Don" - 11" x 14" - Oil on Canvas - Discription:3 horses at Dawn

"An Eye for Equine" featuring:

Opens: First Friday Sept. 1st & First Friday Oct. 6th, 2017
Open through the end of October

  • TM Weekes Charlton will be present at both First Friday's
  • Wine by Springboard Winery
  • Music First Friday in September by Bruce Coe
  • Music First Friday in October by Don & Sylvia

"Brady & Dugout" - 30" x 24" - Oil on Canvas - Discription-Roper with sorrel mare under mesquite tree

"An Eye for Equine"

I have spent a lifetime watching the beauty of the horse. Having been raised on a cattle ranch in ND, I cherish vivid memories of our life, from moving cattle, gathering our band of pasture bred Quarter Horses, watching the skill of family members, and spying herds of deer and antelope move across the prairie. I recall long summers of riding and gathering, to evenings of talking about bloodlines and breeding.

The top line is easily recognized from a distance by horsemen; this subtle sweep from wither to the croup, sets the language in motion as to what a horse was bred to do. The top line also leads the eye, revealing pushing power of the hind quarters, short under belly for speed or the length of the stride in the angle of the shoulder. This body of work was written conceptually first, as a miniseries of the little wild ones. It was then followed by family and friends.  Finally, it ends with my band of mares and their foals in big country, giving Rubenesque lines and shadows to the shallow cooling creek in which they are standing.

Horses have a fluid, sensuous movement that lend themselves well to oils being pushed around by a 3/8" filbert or 1/4" flat brush; these I hold in a bundle in my left hand, interchanging with the warm or cool colors of my selective palette that my right hand mixes and paints. These canvases have been covered multiple times with paint, just as the horse has covered this beautiful country we, too, travel through in our lifetime.

This body of work attempts to share the feeling of long ago and the "like it was just yesterday" memories of the horse. As eloquently as the shadow holds the light, an attempt was made in an abstract representational manner, to capture the spirit of the soul of the horses' elegant language.

TM Weekes Charlton
Artist, Painter, CWU Graduate, Ranch & Farm Wife, Mom, Friend, Horseman

Graphic Artist & Architectural Historian David Wheeler Presents “Preservation Graphics”

Kittitas County Treasured Artist John Poulsen Presents "The John Poulsen Retrospective"


Opens: First Friday Oct. 6th, 2017
Runs the mnth of October

  • Wine by Springboard Winery
  • Music First Friday Oct. 6th by Don & Sylvia

John Poulsen - "Vantage Highway"

John Poulsen - "Palouse"

"Preservation Graphics"

After graduating from Oregon State University in 1976, David returned to Ellensburg to work on his Master's Degree. He now has lives in Ellensburg for the past 37 years. Expanding on the building and research data that he collected as a CWU undergrad student in the 1970's. David has continued doing Measured Drawings of the unique buildings built in Ellensburg after the 1889 fire. His view of Ellensburg has continued to grow as he has researched and a greater appreciation for the people who took the city from ruin to the best that their times offered. Giving the community resideliance in hard times but also guidence it good times.

The current collection are drawn in CAD, which means that they are full size and full of details that could not be replecated on an pen and ink drawing which he did in the past. These building elevations are now part of a larger collection of illustrations that cover many communities across the Pacific Northwest to the Midwestern states of Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. These illustrations have been registered with the Library of Congress. Many who have viewed the collection have added encouragement for his continued interest in the buildings and communities developed in Washington State's architecutral develpoment.

John Poulsen - Artist Statement

John Poulsen was born in 1927 and was raised in Ellensburg and was part of family who pioneered the Kittitas Valley in 1877. Poulsen’s love of the area drove him to express himself artistically by mastering oil on canvas in order to capture and embrace the beauty of Central and Eastern Washington State landscapes, its pioneering spirit, and ever-changing people groups. Poulsen’s skills with the brush help keep the history of our community memories alive for generations to come.

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