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"I think it is the accumulation of all these experiences, the research and the old stories, the trips on the old trails to actual places, the visits to history museums, large and small, that make it possible to do pictures that are real and believable and have the feeling of the place and the time. I have always tried in both wildlife paintings and historical paintings to take the viewer to an actual place and make him feel he was really there."

John Clymer, An Artist's Rendezvous With The Frontier West, W. Reed. P 32

Spirit Reflections

"Spirit Reflections" featuring Daivd Craig

Opening First Friday - June 5th,2015

Ends June 28th, 2015

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Music by guitarist Zach Winters

West Miss

First Friday - April 3, 2015

May 2015

Opening First Friday - May 1, 2015
Ends May 31, 2015

Musical Entertainment by Lincoln Elementary Music Club
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The Clymer Museum & Gallery was established in 1989 and opened in its present location in 1991, to honor our native son, John Ford Clymer. Although Clymer was born and raised in Ellensburg, Washington, after high school he embarked on a long and storied career. The Clymer Museum and Gallery hosts the largest collection of Clymer works that are not privately held. Located in Historic Downtown Ellensburg, the Clymer Museum and Gallery draws visitors and art patrons from all corners of the world.

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